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Consulting Services

We are Real Estate specialist but over the years we have gained knowledge and experience in other areas as well. We offer a variety of services on a freelance bases by the hour or a flat rate depending on the job or project. Here are the different fields we currently have successfully advised our clients in saving them time, money and hassles:

  • Buyers agent, we work exclusively for you and represent your best interest
  • Construction progress reports with written and photo documentation
  • Property improvement recommendations
  • Project supervision
  • Trust agreement supervision
  • Conflict resolution and arbitration services
  • more

Frequently Asked Questions

Do I need to use a realtor or broker?

If you are buying property in Costa Rica, you should always solicit the services of a reputable and well-respected real estate company. There are many "Street Realtors," as well as taxi drivers, bar-tenders, receptionists, tour operators, etc., who are more than willing to show properties seeking a sales commission, yet lack the resources and knowledge necessary to provide you with information critical to complete a legal and successful transaction.

Do not think you will get it cheaper by using anybody else who is helping you with the purchase. It is like an unwritten law in Costa Rica that everybody has the right to ask a commission by just bringing Buyer and Seller together.

The services of a professional real estate company can be invaluable when you are buying property in Costa Rica, both during and after the purchase. Choosing the right agent will help you to build your knowledge of the area and compare values of properties. ABC Real Estate will provide the experience and expertise to answer all your questions.

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Mission and Vision

Mission Statement

"Exceed expectations within the given lifestyle. With integrity, we stand for the welfare of our clients, upholding the values of our corporate philosophy. Through these ideals, our achievements are reflected in the community we inhabit."

Vision Statement

"Position ourselves as the ideal solution for real estate, creating healthy relationships that demonstrate the value of our business. By accomplishing this, we contribute to the prosperity of associates, the company, and our surroundings."

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Our goal is to make the process of buying, selling, or owning property in Costa Rica efficient, enjoyable and rewarding for you.  See what our clients have said about our real estate services


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